Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the platform is built around a white label concept to allow you to use your own logo, font types and colors to suit your company brand profile.

To make feedback meaningful and non-intrusive, it’s important to incorporate the feedback collection into your ordinary business vis-à-vis your customers. We help you find identify and design collection methods that suits your unique business model.

Yes, we support import of both external survey related data as well as other data sets (financial data, sales data etc.), which you have.

Definitely. Our solutions can be adjusted to classical 'paper and pen' data collection as well.

Yes we agree. We therefore provide the option to import a set of questions straight from Excel.

SPSS, ASCII, Excel and CSV.

When you export a graph to Power Point we include the entire data set for that individual graph. This gives you the option to modify the graph even as it appears in your Power Point presentation.

Yes, we been tailoring business specific graphs for decades and we can help you as well.

Our latest platform is build as a cloud based solution to make your life easier. There is no longer any need to install any program on your PC/Mac. The platform is accessed through the web browser.

Yes, software is covered in the “PIC IT and Automation Equipment” document, under section S/N 4. For further details covering the process and it’s limitations, please visit IRAS homepage @